About Me

About Me

Well, hello!!

I am so happy you are here!!

Want to see how happy I am??

Just look at this picture.

I’m on the left. See how happy I am??

I am really excited!!!

My name is Michele and I can’t wait to connect with you!!

My goal is to add a little humor to your life, help you save a little money, and help you make the most out of your time!! I create easy and inexpensive DIY tutorials, product reviews, recipes and more.

I hope you will explore my website and check out my blog.

My DIY Carpet Cleaning Solution can be made for as little as $3 and will get even the nastiest dog shit out of your carpet!!

DIY Carpet Cleaner

My DIY tutorial on  how to install a faux brick backsplash

easy backsplash idea

will transform the look of any kitchen on even the tiniest budget.

Looking for a realistic peek into my life as a parent??

The struggle is real!!!!

Check out my blog post on how I maintain my sanity while living with a slob.

mom says the f word

I’m a Generation X mom doing my best to build a community, keep it all together and raise successful millennial kids.

I enjoy long uninterrupted trips to the bathroom, solitary trips to the grocery store and wine.

I really enjoy wine!!

I live a pretty simple life in Oklahoma with my husband of 17 years, our 3 kids and 3 rescue dogs.

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