Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Today I am going to give you some easy fall decorating ideas and insight on where you can score some super cheap decorations for yourself!!

I don’t have nearly as many fall decorations as I do Christmas decorations, but I am slowly growing my collection and I am certain one day I will have a beautifully decorated fall home.

I think I am actually missing a box of decorations this year, but I am too lazy to go up in the attic and look for them, so I’ve made due with what I’ve managed to find.

It is what it is and I think it’s still pretty cute!!

The picture above is what you see on the right side of my porch. It’s my favorite decorating spot. I bought the urn as a 2 pack at Ace Hardware a few years ago. I paid $40 for 2 of them. They are one of my favorite purchases of all time, and I rotate what I place in them depending on the season and holiday!!

I bought the pumpkins in the urn from Hobby Lobby a few years ago. They are craft type pumpkins and were perfect for making a topiary.

I made the topiary way before I started blogging, so I don’t have a tutorial on how to make it, but it was super easy. All I did was buy 3 different size (but same basic shaped) pumpkins and shoved a decent sized dowel rod through them. I added some fall leaves from the Dollar Tree between the layers and made a bow from wire ribbon I purchased at the Dollar Tree.

The picture below shows a closer view of the topiary.

easy fall decorating ideas

Below is a close up picture of the decorations that sit to the right of the pumpkin topiary.

easy fall decorating ideas

I was gifted the scarecrow and the lantern.

I purchased the crate at a local vintage/thrift/resale shop here in Tulsa. It cost me a measly $5 and I bought two of them.

The crate and lantern are filled with various fake leaves and pumpkins I purchased from the Dollar Tree, as well as, pine cones that I picked up from my yard and a nearby park. I know they sell pinecones at the store, but they are not cheap!!! Save yourself some money and use those pinecones laying on the ground!!! My kids love gathering them for me, so it’s a win win situation!! If you use pinecones that are laying on the ground, make sure you bake them to get all the nasty critters out of them!! You can do a quick google search on “how to bake pinecones” and follow the easy instructions provided.

I purchased the large pumpkin in the crate at an estate sale for one dollar. It was an awesome find, considering those pumpkins usually cost at least $8!!!

The sign is a DIY reversible sign I just finished making, but have not done a tutorial on yet. 

Below is a side by side pic of the reversible sign. 

I love it!!!!

Here’s a different view of my front porch.

The wooden scarecrow on the left is one of my favorite craft show purchases of all time. I purchased it from a vendor at a craft fair.

I love it!!!!

It’s been several years since I purchased it, but I think it was around $30 or $40. I am a sucker for personalized items, and that was definitely a splurge purchase!!

Here’s a better picture of the wooden scarecrow. The squirrels have taken some of his hair (notice the left side of the scarecrow). They are really brazen this year and they come right up to the porch to steal my things!!!

easy fall decorating ideas

The light fixture below is another one of my favorite little details. I made it with 2 fall picks I purchased at Old Time Pottery for $1.50 each. I just wrapped them around the light with some floral wire. It was simple and cheap and the perfect touch. I love it. I have one on each light fixture outside my front door. Total cost for the supplies to decorate the light fixture was approximately $6.

easy fall decorating ideas

The photo below shows the rest of my porch.

easy fall decorating ideas

I purchased the chevron pumpkin at Old Time Pottery 2 years ago for $10 and the mums on the table were approximately $5 or $6.

This is the first year I put up corn stalks on the porch. I love them. I purchased them from Ace Hardware and paid around $13. I think they were about $6 each. I probably could have gotten away with purchasing one set instead of two, but maybe I will split them up next year.

The picture below is a little haystack in my front garden area. It is looking sad and pathetic now, but it was nice when I set it up.

(Insert sigh….)

easy fall decorating ideas

The neighborhood squirrels have beaten all my scarecrows this year.

Unfortunately, these guys lost all their hair and parts of their hats to the unruly squirrels in my yard!!!

I hate squirrels!!!

Fortunately, they have not destroyed the little mailbox scarecrows pictured below.

easy fall decorating ideas


I have one on each side of my mailbox. I purchased them at the Dollar Tree.

Total cost to decorate my mailbox was $2.

After the season is over, I will repair the damaged scarecrows and hit the stores one more time to try and score some clearance deals.

I also shop at estates sales all year long. Shopping at local estate sales is a GREAT way to save money on all sorts of items for your home. I prefer to go to these sales on the last day, or the next to the last day because they mark all the items down as much as 50%!!! I’ve purchased hundreds of estate sale items over the past 7 years and have gotten some fantastic deals at them. I once scored a cement urn that sells for $75 for $8 at an estate sale!! If you have never been to one, I HIGHLY SUGGEST you try one out ASAP!!! Just remember…they are very hit and miss. Sometimes I find items I “can’t live without” and other times I go home empty handed. You just never really know what you will find there.

Do you have a great fall decorating idea I should try??

I want to hear from you!!!

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