How To Make Free Chalkboard Printables

How To Make Free Chalkboard Printables

I can’t wait to tell you how to make free chalkboard printables!!!!

It is so easy to do and it won’t cost you anything.

It’s completely FREE!!!

how to create free chalkboard printable

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 5 years, you have seen these everywhere. They are pinned on Pinterest and sold on Etsy and Amazon.

They can be made for every season, every holiday, and every special event in your life. These printables are made to fit 8 x 10 frame and can easily be changed according to your needs.  I rotate my printables out according to seasons and birthdays etc.

The one pictured below is one I made for my house.

diy chalkboard printable


1. The first step to creating your FREE chalkboard printable is to open the canva website. This amazing program will you allow to create 1,000’s of amazing designs. To get to the canva website go to

2. Once in canva, create a new account.

3. Once you have created your account, login and choose “create a design”

4. Select “US Letter”

5. Select “uploads”

6. Select “upload your own images”

7. Right click on the chalkboard background below and save the picture.

how to create chalkboard printable

8. Next upload the saved image into your design. Now you are ready to start adding text, adjusting colors and adding other elements to your design.

9. For adding text elements, select the text option.

10. For adding shapes and lines, select the elements option.

11. When you are happy with your design, select File and Save the file as a printable PDF.

12. Download the file.

13. Open the file, print it out and marvel at your new creation!!! (Please note: you may need to adjust your print settings. I adjust my printer settings to “actual size” and the printable displays very nicely on this setting)

Looking for more free chalkboard printable ideas?? Check out the attached free chalkboard printables. Feel free to print these out!!

1st Day of School




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